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Online Business Summit Part -2

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Overseas Education Outlook’2022 Summit is a focused symposium for all stake-holders in Overseas Education Business.

Which Way Forward

Covid-19 created havoc in March’20. Became silent. And then, cropped again. Is feeling positive the only way to look ahead ? We’ve invited experts from Important Regions, just for you. Lets hear them out, about:

  • How will international-enrolment graphs shape in near & far future ?

  • Handling student concerns about studying abroad ?

  • About Employability Trends !

  • And much more on the Outlook of Study Abroad Business in 2022-23


    All of us in the Overseas Education Business, received a big jolt in year 2020 as a result of covid-19 pandemic. While the Impact of COVID-19 on Study Abroad business was seen, felt and heard all across, but education institutions globally were the worst affected ones.

    Sadly, the result was business closures for many of us, and job-losses for others. Few of us, continued to survive though with cost-cuts and other compromises.

    Interestingly – the despite uncertainties of higher education abroad, student’s intent / ambition to study abroad hasn’t been much affected. Some deferred their program starts, few took refunds, many chose an Indian / Local university (in the home country) in the interim.

    Not to miss to talk of quite a few of these students, who are on stand-by for situations to be favourable, before flying.

    The fact remains, that students having definite plans to study abroad are determined strongly on doing so despite visa issues, travel restrictions, online / hybrid learning proposals, and many other ambiguities such as a future lockdown itself !!!

    “Every storm runs out of rain”

    - Maya Angelou

    Covid-19, or not. Just like our students’ with study-abroad ambitions, our hopes & beliefs too remain strong.

    Seek Critical Answers | Re-cast Your Business Rules

  • What do we expect in enrollment graphs, going forward? 

  • Where & how will our students’ study? 

  • With travel restrictions in place, and hybrid-models getting promoted, how does a student make a decision?

  • Post-study (current & future students) – how will the employability shape-up? 

  • Other concerns that are stopping student enrolments and therefore the Study-Abroad Business.

  • Potential of international student recruitment in a COVID-19 world, near & far-term

  • Current & future thoughts that will determine serious decisions, expectations, including business continuity

  • Event focused with Overseas Education Outlook on


    Ms Celestine Rowland

    President, Galway Business School,



    Gonzalo Martínez Nogueira


    Campus Spain


    Ms Rani Samiraj

    Country Manager –

    India & Sri Lanka, MDIS


    Dr Gurcharan Singh

    International Country &

    Education Expert, Australia

    Online Summit Agenda

    As a company with Global Education interests, we invite you listen

    to country-experts placed in sought-after countries.

  • Schedule

  • Friday, 15th Tue’2022 @ 17:00 IST

    Duration: 120 Minutes

  • Attendees

  • Those in Overseas Education Business (directly / indirectly)

  • Speakers

  • Country, Education, and University Experts


    Welcome Address

    Rajiv Kumar

    International Business


    Sum-Up & Concluding Remarks

    Dr. Rajev B Sharma

    Founder &


    Mumbai | Singapore

    +91 77383 88333 | [email protected]